The Symbol

The symbol: The Divine Eternal Creative Process

The circle represents infinity.  It represents all there is, and that is God.  Therefore, all three sections within the circle are God.  God being all Cause and Effect.

The top section represents Universal Spirit which we also call Universal Mind, Love, Conscious Mind, the Absolute, First Cause, or God; in the form of idea or thought (seed).

The center section represents Universal Subjective Mind which we also call Law or Soul.  It is the Creative Medium by which Spirit passes into form (soil).

The lower section represents the physical manifestation of Spirit.  It is the form, condition, or effect; representing the manifested reality (plant).


SOM chart

The unbroken circle symbolizes the Infinity of God—no beginning and no end.  The dotted lines between the sections remind us that there is no actual separation between the three aspects of God.  This is only an illustration of God’s triune nature – three aspects, all within the One.

The descending lines drawn down through the center symbolizes the passage of Spirit into Form, of Cause into Effect, through the Creative Medium.  Spirit must manifest in Form in order to express Itself.  On the descending lines, the words Passage of Spirit into Form and All Forms  from One Source show the infinite number of different forms and conditions which fill the physical universe; all come from the One.  This illustrates the Continuum of Creation, an eternal Divine Creative Process.

The symbol is both universal and human in its connotation.  A human being re-enacts the Universal Creative Process, and his/her nature is identical with that of God.  We are all microcosms of the Infinite Macrocosm.

This symbol is the model for the Religious Science emblem.  It is seen in many forms throughout Religious Science’s Centers for Creative Living, offices and publications, and used for many years as a primary teaching tool.

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